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Shaheed K. Abdullah L.Ac., is a board certified physician of orthopedic acupuncture and a consultant to world class and pro athletes. A graduate of Yo San University receiving his Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he is a California State Board Liscensed Acupuncturist and a National Board Certified Acupuncturist of Orthopedics & Herbology.

The CEO and founder of Pro Sports Healing, he specializes in offering integrative and natural rehabilitation and recovery for occupational, personal and sports injuries.

Acupuncture is the missing link that professional athletes are using to reduce pain and increase range of motion. The ancient Chinese therapy is a rapid recovery method to treat injuries and maintain optimal health.

Acupuncture stimulates and strengthens the Immune System.

There are three stages to the healing process: inflammation, repair and reconditioning. Acupuncture induces an anti-inflammatory effect that enhances blood flow to the local injury. Acupuncture reduces inflammation.

Reconditioning and strength work can begin in days.

Acupuncture stimulates blood flow to repair the local injury to enhance reconditioning. Get out of the training room in days as apposed to weeks or months.

Acupuncture is a natural pain-killer.

Acupuncture stimulates endorphins, which mediates the natural pain killing effect. This enables the joint to move pain free. Acupuncture is unmatched in controlling pain and increasing range of motion.

Time is the bottom line. We offer a rapid recovery system. In most cases my patients report instant results. You can be ready to compete in days as opposed to weeks.

Treatments are rarely performed on the local injury. This method allows clients to move the effected joint during treatment. This method does not exacerbate the injured tendon, muscle, or joint. My patients experience instant pain relief, increased range of motion and flexibility.

Natural Recovery Instant Results


Raiders confirmed that Regan Upshaw, the team's leading sacker in 2001, will miss the entire season after an MRI exam revealed a torn ACL in his right knee. Such injuries typically require a rehabilitation period of six to nine months – ESPN.

"I got injured in pre-season. I was back on the field in 4 months from a torn ACL and played in Super Bowl XXXVII".

"With Dr. Abdullah’s rapid recovery system I could immediately feel the difference during practice and in the game. His knowledge in orthopedics is extensive and his techniques are painless. I experienced pain instantly go away after one treatment; from body aches, joint pains, to headaches - you name it".

----Regan Upshaw - Oakland Raiders

"Three years ago I injured my knee in ballet class - landing incorrectly from a big jump. The injury was severe and I have not been able to run or jump. Since then I have had sciatica pain shooting up my leg. As a former dancer and athlete this was devastating".

"I received three treatments from Dr. Shaheed for my knee - now I do gymnastics, I am running again and the sciatica pain is only a memory. I can now see myself surpassing my abilities prior to the injury - this is a miracle".

----N. Gabriel – Pilates Instructor